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What’s new with Amanda Bynes

Amanda Byne's Arrest picture

Amanda Byne’s Arrest picture

An Actress, a fashion designer and former Nickelodeon star  – that’s Amanda Laura Bynes is now once again facing another hot issues on her career. In fact this issue is not new to her, imagine those issues that involves her in more than 10 incidents in 2012?

But i guess, this is one of her way to be the talk-of-the-town, well… she don’t have to do that in the first place cos she’s famous on her own way. Anyway, whatever her reason is.. then it’s not good at all.

In fact, with alleged arrest of Amanda Bynes last Thursday night at her apartment give her another blow on her career after allegedly threw a bong out of her apartment. Police arrived at the scene in response to a call from her door’s man that the actress was smoking marijuana in the building’s lobby.

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